Ideas Meant Nothing Without Execution

Ideas ideas ideas. 
Each one of us has 1001 ideas. Our past experiences have made us more creative by the day.

But lemme tell ya. 
Ideas don’t mean anything without execution. Having tons of ideas is not rare nor something unique anymore. You are not the only brainiac that ever existed. What is rare is that you actually put action towards all those ideas. 
Cuz talk is cheap but execution sets you apart.

Pairing an Abaya with a jean jacket – pin a hijab at the back and let it fall in front – top it off with a cap.

Happy creating everybaddddi! Compile all your ideas and execute it one at a time! You have that power to change. To make the world a much better place to be in. InshaAllah! 
You got this! – Nawal

Love Your Flaws

Flaws are good. 
They are part of you that are often ridiculed. 
Why the discrimination? 

You have to enjoy it, embrace it, love it.
Your flaws, your scars..all of those have been with you through thick and thin. 

So celebrate them!
Here’s to more scars, more flaws and more adventure! – Nawal

Lazy Bum No More!

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them

Walt Disney

Since I have 950 things to do in my life, I don’t think being a lazy bum is an option. Watching Netflix everyday while having things to do still, IS considered as a lazy bum! So yeah, I had this tiny book since 2004 where I jot down what I want to experience, learn and do in my life and to date I have 950 things of which I am slowly putting it on the blog! – You can check it here —> #nawalgoalicious

That was this blog was about when I first started. My goals..things to do..things to experience! It is all exciting! I don’t know but just talking about it made my eyes lit up! We can do whatever we want! Seriously! I had so many things in there that made people laugh cuz they thought NOOO WAYYY I’LL DO THAT! Not only that, it also kind of like a gives you this feel good jolt of enthusiasm of WOW! We can do this! I can do this!

So with 950 things-that-I-want-to-do-in-my-life strapped on my waist, shoulders and vertebrae, do you think I have the time to meddle into other people’s business and be talking about other peeps?? HELL NO! Say it with me : WE AIN’T GOT TIME FOR DAT! Shift your focus to things that matters and make yourself your own 950 things to do list! You will be surprise that you are actually capable in doing things beyond your norms and imagination! – Nawal

Change Is Good Right?

Just like the weather, changes need to be made to accommodate current situation. It’s imperative! How many times situations happened in our lives and we are the first to jump at the possibilities of new opportunities? How many of us welcomed changes like a breeze? Or perhaps fret at the idea because we are too old to do this?

I have faced many changes in my life. From having a high profile job to not having one for quite a while. From being with my family back in Malaysia whom I am so closed with to just being by myself here in Colorado Springs – got married with a man of 2 beautiful girls and jumped into the stepmom bandwagon. You see, changes are inevitable. You just can’t avoid them. It will happen and come to you whether you like it or not.

You have 2 choices here. Just 2. Don’t be making so many choices that could eventually clutter your mind. Either to embrace the change and improve on yourself by learning new skills etc. or say goodbye to it and continue to what YOU feel comfortable for YOU. Just know that to need to change. That’s how science works doesn’t it? – Nawal

Search. Keep Searching. Be In The Search.

I cannot stress how important it is being around people who have done it. Here in LA, for the Blogher Health conference, meeting people who have been blogging and making money from producing endless contents. There I was with my defunct blog… feeling like this tiny ant among the elephants.

I didn’t know what to expect but I knew I just had to be around people who consistently working hard producing content and build a community based on their passion. I needed that push. I prayed for that light. To brighten the path that I should take to pursue this dream of mine. I’ve been out of touch of my art for so long that I had to take myself out of this rut. This was it. That ‘push’.

Listening to motivational videos on YouTube would meant nothing if I don’t take that leap of faith. Packed my bag. Got my friend to come with me. There I was …absorbing like a sponge. Every single thing. I left the conference feeling inspired and aspired to be those up there on the stage giving those monumental speeches. I can be that person. All I have to do is to ….START! -Nawal