Assalamualaikum. Let’s do some reality check shall we? It’s May. That means 243 more days to go till the year ends! Ramadhan is in 70 days or less. I have 40 things to do this year and so far I’ve done only 2!!! I’m still in Malaysia and not USA. Here I am, chilling, ready for the next adventure and more things to do! Life has handed me a lemon so I gotta open a fruit stall!

This month I’ll be participating in a bazaar called SOUQ @ Villa 16 where Funkyriffic Shop together with Skolah Jahit Nawal will sell arts and crafts and give sewing lessons to kids repectively.

Besides getting myself and my two brands prepared for the event, I’ve lined up some goals for me to achieve and I have broken it into smaller parts so that I don’t get too overwhelmed!

Without delaying more time, I’m off to create some magic! Stay put for more goals updates and OHHH!! don’t forget to LIKE Funkyriffic at Facebook ya!!! This month’s giveaway is awesome! Something about getting a new outfit! whooppsss that’s too much info already! Talk soon! **nawal**


My first designing assignment of the year is to design and make Akma’s wedding dress. Akma is my junior back in the university. We took Japanese Language together. She’s now working in the television and getting married preetyyyyy soon! It was an honor for me when she picked me to design her Nikah dress. I was like…… what???? U SUREEEEE???? YEAYYY! I’D LOVE TO! To add in the excitement, this would be my 1st time designing a wedding dress for someone.

So can I do this?
She gave me this beautiful green chiffon and lime satin. She wanted a Peplum based dress and beadings. ohkay and so I came up with 3 designs.

..and so Akma chose no 2! ..which is the most challenging one to do among those 3 but I like it! I love  challenges and I can’t wait to feel the finished product! So tell me what you think. Which one do U like most? **nawal**


WOW! What a start! Every year I will create a new planner / journal to preserve memories and jot down my goals, things to do, plans and such. This year I opted for 3 different type of planner to organize myself better and to record all the great stuff happening around me. My goal was to:

This is my main planner where I jot down things to do daily, paste photos, write random stuff and just go crazy with it!

Next up, behold my monthly planner where all important dates and deadlines can be viewed in an orderly manner.

..and last but not least, my ON-THE-GO planner where I bring it everywhere in my pocket so that I can  jot down appointments, functions and etc at the spur of the moment. You see, I still don’t trust gadgets. I am still stuck in the 90’s. 

I’m really happy with the outcome. I have good feelings about this year….gosh! I can’t stop smiling! Thanks for viewing! **nawal**


Well Assalamualaikum and hello 2013! It’s already the new year! Another year to do great things, to experience more ups and downs, to invent stuff, to be outstanding, to create magic, to be closer to our creator and most importantly to do good to the world and mankind.

Another year with another 40 things to do, last year I’ve achieved 8+3 goals. So this year, I hope to hit most of them down. In order to do just that, I chose goals that’ll help me in my career and that is to be world renowned Designer and Inventor, that has her design empire worldwide, launch a DIY craft cult in her country, has her own foundation to help the needy, build schools for the underprivileged, have my own TV show and books.  YES! Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to set that law of attraction.

Having that in mind, I want to be balance. Both world and hereafter. Not just chasing worldly abundance but also gearing up for ‘what next’. Have you thought about it? Sounds Ironic huh? Long story short, I wanna do as many good things as possible. Things that will benefit mankind. Not just materially, but also through my writings and videos. Yeap! all about sharing peeps.

Some of the goals this year were last year’s like joining 100 competitions, create 365 days drawing challenge (which needs more fuel!) and have an online store among other things.

So, people of the world, here it is. My 40 things that I wanna do in 2013!**CLAP CLAP**

763 : Read about the months in Islamic calendar
828 : Complete recitation of the whole Quran 
169 : Join Toastmasters club
76 : Learn Spanish
364 : Read about the ancient philosophers
511 : Learn about fabrics
745 : Read about the history of fashion
893 : Read autobiographies for a year
957 : Learn to replace a tyre and change oil
#a : Complete my Fashion course online
#b : Complete my creative writing course online
87 : Join a marathon
#c : Lose 30lbs
208 : Create bed sheets
209 : Create curtains
369 : Create a traveling sewing kit
458 : Create 365 days drawing challenge
533 : Create my own cool and funky wallet
538 : Learn drawing and sketching
595 : Create my own dresses
852 : Do Fashion drawing
904 : Have a cool and funky sewing kit
44: Create a Hijab brand
53 : Be a fashion designer
149 : Have my own fashion label
796 : Know about the famous and indie designers
911 : Have my own online shop
#d : Set up my designing and tailoring business
52 : Own a property
117 : Have my own art studio
128 : Create my dream room
#e : Have $100,000 in my bank account
#f : Get an iPad and an iMac
633 : Create my own HOW TO video series
921 : Have my own YouTube channel
38 : Host my own travel programme
317 : Hike Mount Kinabalu, Sabah
605 : Join 100 competitions
713 : Organize my life from top to toe

Ok so that was my 40 things to do this year. One new thing this year is that I created a HOPE LIST. A hope list is where you state all your wishes that are very general and current so mine is like this :

I hope:
1. US Immigration will grant me my green card soon. I miss my husband and I want to spend 2013 with him.
2. More quality time with my family. Sometimes we take things for granted until that someone is no longer living. So cherish every single time with your loved ones as much as we can.
3. To go to the Masjid daily. At least once a day. God has given you so much. Can’t you spend few minutes to carry out the Sunnah?
4. Develop a DO NOW attitude. I wish to beat procrastination right at it’s core. I have to be the change!
5. Help as many people as I can. I always believe that the more you give, the more you get 🙂
6. To have a super organized room, sewing station, craft studio and home.
7. To posses a high focus skill and discipline. I’m still working on it.
8. Be thriftier, only spend on what you need and make things rather than buying them
9. Recruit 30 new friends 🙂 Get to know more people
10. Cut down on the delicious yummy Malaysian food. Nasi can’t be my best buddy anymore.

There you have it, checklist of 2013. So much love and effort being put into this and I can’t wait to tick off one by one!

2013! I’m gonna rock you! **nawal**


First and foremost, IIEKKKKK!! Assalamualaikum! Alhamdulillah it’s the new year and 2012 will be gorgeous and fabulous with my newly created to do list!  It is NEVER too late to start one. So many great-awesome things to complete! Having a set of goals / to do list makes me look forward for the future and that feels GREAT! I’ve divided my list into segments which is close to my heart. Segments which I feel need some fine tuning if you know what I mean 🙂 Segments that are important. Segments that define my life. So guys, here goes!!!!!

It’s all about my spiritual needs and getting closer to my Creator
Goal 333 : Study the benefits of Solat
Goal 349 : Go for Janazah workshop 
Goal 404 : Memorize the Yaasin 
Goal 581: Know everything and in depth about Islam 
Goal 585 : Memorize the important D’uas (prayers)
Goal 879 : Study about Fiqh
Building and maintaining long lasting relationships to make life more meaningful
350 : Go for Pre-marriage course  
451 : Get married! woohoo!
You gotta look and be smart!
227 : Learn Tagalog
328 : Study the Malaysian history
329 : Study the geography of Malaysia
385 : Read about the U.S – Vietnam War
474 : Learn Video editing
917 : Learn Adobe Photoshop
923 : Study Fashion Design
Being healthy is not an option
248 : Learn Muay Thai
382 : Detoxify my body for a year
My passion
212 : Sew my own Baju Kurung design
305 : Learn Embroidery
330 : Study the Malay’s arts and crafts
458 : Start my 365 days drawing challenge
459 : Learn Calligraphy
538 : Learn drawing and sketching
616 : Learn to make button badges
625 : Know in depth about arts and crafts
689 : Learn cursive writing
766 : Learn Pattern making
901 : Study the anatomy of a sewing machine
Things that I do that put foods on the table and money in the bank
20 : Have my very own business card
515 : Read about advertising
571 : Learn about fabrics
752 : Know about internet business
950 : Have my own online shop 🙂
Managing money and things that I own more responsibly
128 : Create my dream room
417 : Start a saving plan! 
Organizing myself in the WorldWideWeb
920 : Learn web design
Constantly exploring to eliminate ignorance, enhance imagination and meet all sorts
of beautiful people
23 : Write a travel documentary script
597 : Be a couch surfer
598 : Divulge myself in Japanese Culture
Things that I just have to do to for personal satisfaction
773 : Organize myself from top to toe
40 things for the new year and I LOVE THIS LIST! I’m all set, all geared up and ready to make mistakes! yeap! Mistakes defines a person and the more you make them the smarter and much wiser you’ll become. But one thing for sure, you got to learn from them and not just making them 😛
What’s your ‘things to do’ this year? Anything similar? Let’s share! Who knows we might reap greater benefits 🙂 
HAPPY HAPPY 2012 beautiful people!**nawal**