Hi! It’s time to do some month’s end updates! Besides turning 30 last April (YEAY!), a few occasions took place and there’s no way to dismiss those so I had to make few adjustments and shifted my goals further up. (ggrrrrr shouldn’t be making these lame excuses but hey! things happened!) Let’s start shall we! Last April’s goals were :

I’m not gonna talk about goals that I didn’t achieve instead I’m  just going to focus on the success of those that did! So last April, I manage to set up my designing and tailoring business online!

YEAYY! Alhamdulillah! Ladies and gentlemen.. I present to you :

WOW! I can’t believe that I finally did it! I guess the most challenging part of setting up a business is to actually begin! But once you start, the momentum is unbelievable and you won’t mind spending countless hours of brainstorming and setting up and everything! Regardless, you’ll be satisfied once it’s up. Begin with the end of mind says Stephen Covey and I truly believe that.

Kastem Kurung is basically a system where you could custom made your clothings according to the design template provided. It is still in it’s baby level. Insyaallah more options will be added. For now you can view it here and make orders through Facebook. Unfortunately, international orders are not yet open 😦 but will let everyone know when that’s available.

So what else..???

Oh..I’ve spent awesome 10 days at Hotel Seri Malaysia, Bagan Lalang for an entrepreneurship crash course organized by Giatmara. It was too great to mention here! I was exposed to all the technical aspects in setting up a business. How to create cash flows and organize your accounts, getting loans, drafting the business plan, what it takes to be an entrepreneur and all that stuff. Most importantly, I got to spend 10 days with 29 other participants from all over Giatmara in the capital. Giatmara was where I’ve learned Fashion and Dressmaking by the way 🙂 They have branches all over Malaysia. Long story short, I met wonderful people with so many experiences under their belts. We had some from the fashion sectors, then beauty, then graphic and photography, a guy who studied air conditioning system, bakery and car maintenance. Phewh! talking about diversity!

Here are some memories that I would never forget 🙂

 Yeah! I was challenged to jump into the pool at the end of our course! LOL! Still can’t forgive myself for not swimming!! (not even once when I was there) Anyway, I created a video to remind ourselves of our goals and not to give up in business (check me put at 05:13). I didn’t expect that it will bring tears to most of us! awwwww. So basically that was my April recap! Hopefully May would be more productive than the former. So guys! Rev up your May! Enjoy this video from us Putek Awesome Team “Kami Bakal Menjadi Usahawan Berjaya” (We’ll be future successful entrepreneurs) Insyaallah! **nawal**


It is not often to have the chance to watch extraordinary performances especially when it is for free. It’s easy to get in or watch anything without paying. It’s either :

A : you have a friend that can let you in and give you free tickets or
B : you become a volunteer.

For me..it was both! My friend gave me the opportunity to be THE volunteer! say whhaatt??? Thanks Cat and Chris! YIPEEEEE! Ok before I move on any further, check out this video by Festival TV about Manganiyar Seduction. Pure epic!

I was awed! Speechless! I never seen a performance quite like it. The stage setup alone gave me goosebumps! All the way from Rajasthan, India, the Manganiyar Seduction comprised of 43 musicians with various musical instrumentation and what’s unique about their performances was that they each sat in cubicles which were arranged into 4 horizontal rows on top of another. They sang, played Indian classical instrument and the lights will lit at the respective cubicle accordingly every single time when it comes to their turn to perform.

I had lots of fun volunteering for this. My job was to usher patrons to their seats – make sure no one is recording – greet patrons at the door – be very diplomatic to the late comers. The best thing of course to witness this incredible art on stage! When the show was over, I grabbed the usher girls and dude to the backstage to..what else,  SNAP PHOTOS!

With the Awesome Usherettes..Oh and the guy in the middle is Joe Sidek, the man a.k.a the director for Georgetown Festival 2012! He’s super FUNKYRIFFIC!

With the musicians! Very friendly and down-to earth I tell ya.

The man behind the genius art – Mr Roysten Abel! (OMG!)
It was mind blowing! Volunteering was an eye opening experience for me. Not only do I get to meet so many people all over the world, I was introduced to their world, their experience, their hardships and journey to be where they are today. I really admire their enthusiasm..these Manganiyar peeps. To bring all 43 musicians and travel around the globe – performing – is a challenging task but these guys definitely had overcome the formidable. That’s just FUNKYRIFFIC!**nawal**

*Credits: Video courtesy of stvdiochannel


Clockwise from top : Brother love – Vito adjusting Jerome’s suit, look into my eyes! I was nervous, Aaliyah and daddy with Aolani dancing at the back, lil Jerome and Aolani getting all excited!
From top : Signing off as a witness, with the girls – Aryannah and Tatyana, Brotherhood Trio – Jerome-Vito-Eric

Clockwise from top : Candid!, husband and wife, beautiful Regina – my sis in law, rolling Taty!
Clockwise from top : Talking to the Masjid’s staff, Vito’s aunt with a scarf, the newlyweds awwww, adorable kiddies, Vito and Aaliyah..one baby coming right up!,  Saddiq and hubby. Saddiq: Good luck. Vito : You’re next!

Clockwise from top left : Eric and me, a button just fell of from Eric’s tux,  Jerome and me, the men – Saddiq, Jerome and Puma, H20 is good for you kids! Drink up!, Imam Karim Abu Zaid 🙂

From top : At Tajine Alami, Manitou Springs CO, Boyz2Men, Saddiq and US, with the love of my life

Wedding in the USA. CHECK. Now, let’s get ready for the MALAYSIAN WEDDING! gulp.