As you know, 2012 is just around the corner and learning from last year’s mistake, I’m planning to create and design my 2012 planners earlier than scheduled! Every year, I create planner/journal to document my daily routines, jot down memories -the good, the bad, doodles and the list is endless. This year, my planner wasn’t completed before the new year and I guess the momentum of ushering  NEW YEAR wasn’t that UMMphh if you get what I mean. That’s all behind me now and I’m all geared up for 2012 with brand new planners!! WOHOO!!
A handbag planner is very convenient for me as I still don’t trust modern technologies to schedule my daily routines and appointments. What if so called ‘technology’ crashed? What if everything is deleted accidentally? Before that happens, I’d rather stick to the old fashion way which is…JOT ALL OF THEM  DOWN! LITERALLY!
So here’s a tutorial of my handbag planner that has been given a new life. It was inspired by a craft post from Craftzine 🙂 (Can’t remember which one so if you do know please tell!) Enjoy!

That’s it folks! My very own version of a handbag planner. I’ve enjoyed making this and I hope you do too! Assalamualaikum **nawal**


It would probably be the most annoying cat in the world. I had no idea what was NYAN CAT,  its purpose of existence, what does it do and all these questions kept on clouding my dumbfounded brain. How did this infamous cat becomes ever so popular? (40 million hit on YouTube!) It just sing NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN..exude rainbow fumes and look yummy (POP TART!) SOOOO ANNOYING yet you are SOOO ADORABLE and you just inspired me to revamp this old box I have at home 🙂 Well Done NYAN CAT! Keep on ruling the cyberspace!

So that’s it peeps! Make your own version of Nyan Cat merchandise. I’m dead sure it’ll be awesome!
Do link back if you do make one ya! I wanna see them!**nawal**


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Do you have loads of tin canisters and desperate to throw them away??? Why don’t you give it a new life making them look good for your room/house decor. Or better still….give them to me 😉

I found this tin canister in a recycling bin and thought that it can be useful. I need to store some of my knick knacks and this tin would be the perfect place to house them 🙂 Project we go!

It took me approximately 1 hour to complete this project. I’m happy with the outcome and the fact that I just saved a TIN’s life 🙂 Do have a go and just go wacky.**nawal**


What can you do out of  bubble wraps that you were about to throw away?
Think twice! Do something with it and mother nature will forever be grateful to you.

I bought a set of water-based markers but no storage to store them. I didn’t want to mix them with my other stationaries as these markers were special. I remembered that I had this bubble wrap I got from my previous purchases and didn’t throw it away. ( I LOVE JUNK!) anyway, thot of creating my own marker pouch 🙂 Did some embroidery to make it more personal.

My newly bought markers
The bubble wrap marker pouch
Let’s do some close up
Notice 3 buttons? Yes they are functional alright. Now my markers are safe and secure




bird’s eye view


 Think twice before you throw your junk. You never know when it’ll come in handy.**nawal**