Hi! It’s time to do some month’s end updates! Besides turning 30 last April (YEAY!), a few occasions took place and there’s no way to dismiss those so I had to make few adjustments and shifted my goals further up. (ggrrrrr shouldn’t be making these lame excuses but hey! things happened!) Let’s start shall we! Last April’s goals were :

I’m not gonna talk about goals that I didn’t achieve instead I’m  just going to focus on the success of those that did! So last April, I manage to set up my designing and tailoring business online!

YEAYY! Alhamdulillah! Ladies and gentlemen.. I present to you :

WOW! I can’t believe that I finally did it! I guess the most challenging part of setting up a business is to actually begin! But once you start, the momentum is unbelievable and you won’t mind spending countless hours of brainstorming and setting up and everything! Regardless, you’ll be satisfied once it’s up. Begin with the end of mind says Stephen Covey and I truly believe that.

Kastem Kurung is basically a system where you could custom made your clothings according to the design template provided. It is still in it’s baby level. Insyaallah more options will be added. For now you can view it here and make orders through Facebook. Unfortunately, international orders are not yet open 😦 but will let everyone know when that’s available.

So what else..???

Oh..I’ve spent awesome 10 days at Hotel Seri Malaysia, Bagan Lalang for an entrepreneurship crash course organized by Giatmara. It was too great to mention here! I was exposed to all the technical aspects in setting up a business. How to create cash flows and organize your accounts, getting loans, drafting the business plan, what it takes to be an entrepreneur and all that stuff. Most importantly, I got to spend 10 days with 29 other participants from all over Giatmara in the capital. Giatmara was where I’ve learned Fashion and Dressmaking by the way 🙂 They have branches all over Malaysia. Long story short, I met wonderful people with so many experiences under their belts. We had some from the fashion sectors, then beauty, then graphic and photography, a guy who studied air conditioning system, bakery and car maintenance. Phewh! talking about diversity!

Here are some memories that I would never forget 🙂

 Yeah! I was challenged to jump into the pool at the end of our course! LOL! Still can’t forgive myself for not swimming!! (not even once when I was there) Anyway, I created a video to remind ourselves of our goals and not to give up in business (check me put at 05:13). I didn’t expect that it will bring tears to most of us! awwwww. So basically that was my April recap! Hopefully May would be more productive than the former. So guys! Rev up your May! Enjoy this video from us Putek Awesome Team “Kami Bakal Menjadi Usahawan Berjaya” (We’ll be future successful entrepreneurs) Insyaallah! **nawal**


WOW! What a start! Every year I will create a new planner / journal to preserve memories and jot down my goals, things to do, plans and such. This year I opted for 3 different type of planner to organize myself better and to record all the great stuff happening around me. My goal was to:

This is my main planner where I jot down things to do daily, paste photos, write random stuff and just go crazy with it!

Next up, behold my monthly planner where all important dates and deadlines can be viewed in an orderly manner.

..and last but not least, my ON-THE-GO planner where I bring it everywhere in my pocket so that I can  jot down appointments, functions and etc at the spur of the moment. You see, I still don’t trust gadgets. I am still stuck in the 90’s. 

I’m really happy with the outcome. I have good feelings about this year….gosh! I can’t stop smiling! Thanks for viewing! **nawal**


..and so another chapter closes and another one opens. We’re done with TWO OH ONE TWO and now helllooooo 2013! Great things have happened and mature me in 2012. Happy, sad, all the spice and here I am! Still going strong! Alhamdulillah.

There are so many things that I’d like to share here. Things I’ve done, people I’ve met, friends that got married, books I’ve read, the list just goes on and on and on…. So ladies and gentlemen, behold! A recap of all things 2012 🙂

I had a list drawn for 2012. My 40 things to do and out of that 40, I’ve managed to achieve 8 things! ermm…yeahh..not even close huh? However, I did 3 more things which wasn’t in the list but it is in my 950 things to do book 😉 so yeahh…11 things altogether! woohooo **CLAP CLAP**

Since I love to talk so much, why not make it a business? Being an emcee allows me to be more confident dealing with people. To see my name imprint on a card like this gives me goosebumps all the time and I like that feeling. I think everyone of us should have a business card. Eventhough you’re not doing any business, it’ll be very useful and look very professional when you exchange contacts. 
I finally completed the script for a travelling documentary 🙂 Will not reveal it just yet but you’ll know eventually 😉

 Ok. (I’d rather not put any picture here) So i thought this could be scary. A trip to the doctor can be frightening to some people. When I learned about cervical cancer and stuff, I got panicked. After I got married, I thought..ok you know what..let’s just do this. The apparatus itself scares me but when it’s over, I was like… maaannn that’s it??? That wasn’t too bad. So basically, pap smear is a process where they get samples from your cervix and send it to the lab. The sample will determine whether you have a healthy cervix or not. Part of detecting cervical cancer. So go and have that check up ladies!

This was one unexpected event ever! Who would have thought  meeting Andy at Island Plaza would led me to an audition to join YES Academy Broadway for Georgetown Festival. (talking about law of attraction) I got in! For 10 days I’ve learned so much under Mikey Masterson, a Broadway performer himself. We performed numbers from Sweeney Todd, The Lion King and a dance number from Hairspray. Best of all, I got a chance to perform a monologue! I did Please Don’t Let Me be Normal from The Fantasticks. Unbelievable! It was fun to bits!

Baju Kurung is one of the Malay’s traditional costume. I had the chance to design my own when we did Modern baju kurung’s module. The fabric was given for free but I add on some green chiffon to the skirt. Looking at it, it is surreal to me. I can’t believe that I can finally produce my own clothes. 🙂
What a great knowledge. I had a very good time attending this free course held at Masjid Bangsar. I got to learn how to give proper bath to the corpse, wrapping them, etc. It was a concise step by step lesson and one must not miss this opportunity to learn it first hand. In a Muslim household, at least one in each family must know how to conduct a proper funeral service 🙂 
For a Malaysian Muslim, it is compulsory to take the marriage course before you get married. I took mine last July at the National Mosque. It was a two-day course from 8am till 5pm. I had a very good insight and one should have an open mind when attending such courses. I gained tips, useful contacts and best of all, the knowledge. 

Alhamdulillah year 2012 was the year I tied the knot. Met an awesome man, we got married. I couldn’t be happier. 🙂 I’m a Malaysian. He’s an American. We met through online Muslim matrimonial website called Half Our Deen. You can read my story here. *bliss*
If you think patternmaking is hard as a rock, think again! it’s actually pretty easy once you’ve learned the basics. Believe me… it’s not rocket science. I’ve learned patternmaking at Giatmara, where I studied Fashion and Dressmaking for the past 6 months. Basically, by having a pattern, it is easier for you to construct a garment. With such knowledge, you can make any type of clothes you want and it is a piece of cake! 

I always wanted to have a wedding of all things DIY. I know now that DIY wedding needs longer time to prepare. Having a month or so to get all things together was very challenging. I’m really glad I had a bunch of helpful families and friends! It was a small intimate wedding and I loved it! Thank you everyone for your endless support! **kisses**
Finally, I’m on the path to make my dreams come true! I always wanted to be a designer. To be in the creative arena. That was something I was destined to do. So when the opportunity came for me to study fashion design, I grabbed them! Studying at Giatmara was a spot on! I learned the technicalities in producing garments, learned fashion drawing, made about 10 clothes ranging from womenswear, men, children. 6 months was a blast! ..and now I just have to complete my Fashion course online! which is highly pending! **oopss**

Alhamdulillah had the chance to travel to quite few places. Tioman Island, Paris, Ho Chi Minh City, Manila, USA among other things.  Travelled with Mr Husband, best buddies AJ and Andy..I hope I can do more traveling with la familia. It’ll be awesome.

I’m so happy that many of my friends got married in 2012! That includes family too! I felt bad that I couldn’t fulfill the insurmountable amount of invitations but I really tried my best! Thank you so so much for inviting me guys! Here are some of the wedding that I went.

I had many opportunities to kick start my Emcee business. Thank you to all who have been supporting and believe in me. I had a great time and really enjoyed what I do. So here are some of my pictures of emceeing in 2012.
From Top Left to Right : USM Jazz BAnd 16th Annual Concert, Malam Melayu Georgetown Festival, His Royal Highness Tengku Muhammad Ismail’s birthday, Tengku Fatimatuz Zahra’s Birthday, USMJB Rhythm and Blues, also USMJB Rhythm and Blues concert, Family Day Zoo Negara, Konsert Kembara Orkestra Tradisional Malaysia at USM
Some of the events and things that took place within a year span. Great joy and great fun! My husband visited Malaysia, Amaniax having a blast, fell off from a bike, gosh..what else..

I have met many people who were great in and out! I pray that such camaraderie lasts for a lifetime. Thank you for being so inspiring and passionate. You guys were truly amazing!
**Pictures courtesy of YB Lim Guan Eng, Andy Siti, AJ Don, Nur Shuhadah Mahadi, Teh Weng Jen, Diana Kamal, Nizam Nizzkun, Kak Long Ija Mn, Arthur Muchtarow, Valentino Chavez