Assalamualaikum, peace be upon you friends! My name is Nawal Shahril (pictured dancing above!) sometimes with the pen name nadewas and may I say….WELCOMMMEEE TO FUNKYRIFFIC!

I am from beautiful, hot and humid Malaysia and currently residing in Colorado Springs, CO in a lil house I called #casaboomboom with my husband, 2 girls and a cat named Happy Feet. (HE’S THE CUTEST EVER I SWEAR!) Why I called my house boomboom because every time a car passed by, the stereo seemed to crank up super high…with a booom-boom-boomm effect! Instead of shouting back like a cranky woman, I embraced it.

..and that’s what FUNKYRIFFIC! is all about. Making the best out of every situations. Be it making things out of boring object or facing circumstances that’s not favorable and use it to your advantage. It’s how we look at things and I believe every single thing in our lives has it purpose and it’s our job to make whatever comes our way FUNKY! and FUN!


I’d love to share my passion for design, arts and crafts, positivity, love, goal setting, planner planning and my aesthetics with all of you! I love making clothes and am a sucker for thrift and charity shops. Revamping old clothes and sustainable fashion are the things I hold dear. There’s no rules of dressing up nor creating. This is my space to be eclectic, vibrant and senseless! Fashion is meant to be celebrated!


I hope you’ll enjoy my blog and may we inspire each other to be a better person than yesterday and together make this world pink&green&colorful and fuzzy and super FUNKY!

Let’s go!


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