Where It All Began. Rediscovering Myself.

Right here in Los Angeles, Santa Monica to be exact, I decided that I no longer wanted to be a 36 year old lazy bum. I have to work towards my dream! I had no idea how to get there yet but all I knew was to wake up, dress up, present myself in a way that I’m happy with and build my consistencies from there.

Sometimes we do drift away. Shifting our focus from what we are darn good at. Especially when we want to experiment what is out there and what else can we do. After doing so, you’ll realize what will make you happy and your life move on from there. In my case, I put off creating and making and that part of me depleted and became very sad. I hated myself for not making things. For not using my hands to create and I ended up just playing around and face the days just being mediocre….that was it! My wake up call!

So from this forward you’ll see my OOTD (Outfit of The Day) pictures with some thoughts. Wisdom that I gathered through observation and experience. Life need not to be boring that’s for sure!! Speaking of which, I’ve never done OOTDs before..like super doing it. My OOTDs somehow have brought me back to my sewing and fixing and revamping the old clothes that I have to make it more…ME. I’m making again!!! I really enjoy these processes as each day I curate and create art. Well I consider putting together a look ..a form of art.

ENJOY and have fun doing your own OOTD’s. You are you! Thank you for being part of this journey. If you can relate.. then this is OUR journey to a better us! Together! Life is great Alhamdulillah!! -Nawal

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