Well hellooooo beautiful people?? Happy April to you! It is the special month for me indeed. Besides turning THREE TWO, loads of things will keep me busy busy busy this month. Gee.. A lot has happened, but to cut things short, I could drive in the US now! weehoo!, became a substitute teacher at my stepdaughter’s school, translating UMMI season 2 scripts, revived my tailoring and alteration business and best of all I have all the time to do the things that I really love!!  CREATING AND DESIGNING! (The perks of being a homemaker at the moment) —-> yeah right what a myth!

Who says a homemaker just watch soap operas and sit around at home doing nothing? There’s a lot more to it and that would be in another post though. Having 2 instant kiddos has taught me a lot of things and really challenge my time management skills, creativity and patience. Again..I’ll elaborate more in another post.*wink**wink**

Coming back to April’s things to do. Oh yes… on top of sewing a Mexican costume for Tatyana, planning Aryannah’s Rainbow themed birthday party and my work, I won’t neglect pursuing my #40things To Do in 2015 goals. 10 things to pursue this month and they are:

The breakdown and my resources:

1. SIX PACKS – Do the 5 mins ab workout daily for 1 month  *thanks Blogilates
2. CROCHET – Basic crochet
3. SWIMMING – 4 laps freestyle, 3 laps breaststroke, 2 laps backstrokes, 1 lap butterfly, 5 flip-turns, 3 laps freestyle stroke drill (3 times a week)
4. 365 days of sketching – Themes per week: In the Kitchen, Under The Bed, Vito’s Junks and Flowers. Don’t forget to follow my Instagram —> nadewas with the hashtag #nawalsketch365. For more inspiration to kick start your very own sketching challenge, check out Sketch-A-Day.
5. FUNKY WALLET -2 hours a day till completion!
6. LEARN HAIRSTYLING – I personally loooveeee Cute Girls Hairstyle for their wonderful easy tutorials. Learning 10 styles this month via CGH. Easy peasy.
7. BLOGGING GOALS – coming up with a schedule and topics. For now let’s target 4 posts a month shall we?
8. 100 PROJECT THREADBANGER – Do 4 projects this month 🙂
9. 50 AMERICAN STATES – Record our voices and play it in the car every morning. That way the girls will learn it by hard!
10. HOW TO SERIES – Design buatsendiri.com

I’m keeping my goals simpler and simpler by the year. Hey! It’s just a bucket list…of which I’m dedicating my life to completing it. Let’s hope for the best! Progress is the key, being idle kills.

Have a great start for another month ahead! ❤ Nawal

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