Garden of The Gods, Colorado Springs CO

I must say….Colorado Springs is a beautiful beautiful place to live in right here in America. No traffic jams, surprise visits by the reindeers at least twice a week, home of the United States Olympic Committee and loads of garage sales! (well , it’s summer so that’s pretty normal). Yes. I am currently in the USA (finally) back in my husband’s arms after 2 years waiting for my green card.

I’m in the USA now so what’s next?

I must not lie…I miss broadcasting and the hectic busy-ness of producing Bella talkshow. However, on the bright side, this is my chance to pursue the things that I’ve always wanted to do! DESIGNING and have my own lifestyle brand!

Yeap that and back to blogging! Gosh it feels sooo good just sinking my hands in this keyboard. Thank you everyone who have been supporting me and always asked me about my snoozed blog! Snooze no more. It’s now time to share my August’s goals! Good luck

This month I’ll be focusing more on sewing. Partly because I’ll be launching my sewing blog anytime soon and also I need to fulfill 50,000 hours of sewing before I can truly master the art. Apart from that, other goals such as home goals, driving and health are among the life organization goals that I need to put more attention to. This month I’ll be coming up with at least 2 samples of my hijab and turban for my FUNKYRIFFIC line of which I am super duper excited to share with everyone but for now….let’s just keep the ball rollin’ yah! **nawal**

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