Assalamualaikum. Let’s do some reality check shall we? It’s May. That means 243 more days to go till the year ends! Ramadhan is in 70 days or less. I have 40 things to do this year and so far I’ve done only 2!!! I’m still in Malaysia and not USA. Here I am, chilling, ready for the next adventure and more things to do! Life has handed me a lemon so I gotta open a fruit stall!

This month I’ll be participating in a bazaar called SOUQ @ Villa 16 where Funkyriffic Shop together with Skolah Jahit Nawal will sell arts and crafts and give sewing lessons to kids repectively.

Besides getting myself and my two brands prepared for the event, I’ve lined up some goals for me to achieve and I have broken it into smaller parts so that I don’t get too overwhelmed!

Without delaying more time, I’m off to create some magic! Stay put for more goals updates and OHHH!! don’t forget to LIKE Funkyriffic at Facebook ya!!! This month’s giveaway is awesome! Something about getting a new outfit! whooppsss that’s too much info already! Talk soon! **nawal**

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