As I enter the world of big THREE ZERO, I asked myself. Have I accomplished a lot or wasted time a lot. For the past 30 years, I’ve experienced myriad ups and downs, change jobs, still figuring out who I am and what do I want to do and be! For some people, they are lucky for they know exactly what they want to do at the early stage of maturity. As for me..I don’t even know whether I am matured yet.

When I looked back, the past 30 years went through an incredible journey. I was already independent at a very young age, well not financially of course but emotionally and physically. Got scolded a lot (coming from an Asian household what do you expect?). I was very naughty. I was always curious. I loved challenges. I was and still am a happy-go-lucky girl and the world is just full of great people and positivity.

As you getting older and older, the environment tends to change. That is the phase when the world started to introduce reality to you. You’ll face hardships, people not being nice to you, dishonesty, rudeness, selfishness, people looked down on you and oh so many things that not worth mentioning here.

But..do I actually care?

Sometimes YES most of the time NO.

I thank the Almighty for allowing me to experience every hardships in life for I know tough time don’t last and only tough people do 🙂 I always believe that. I have managed to turn the negativity into a strong hard armor for me to endure life many years to come. I didn’t do it alone. Family, friends, Allah.. have guided me all the way. So what’s my secret? simple. NETWORKING AND A LOT OF DU’A!

Who could believe that by networking, I could turn all odds into opportunities. Sounds amazing isn’t it? YEAP! It’s the people you meet and talk to that could lead your life one to another. I see life through other’s doors, windows, nooks and crannies. When I’m down and less enthusiastic..I will recall back some fresh conversation with person A or B who had gone through crazy life journeys and been in a shit hole. I asked myself ‘ What’s worst that could happen to me? ‘ Always be humble and smile!  Do you know that we don’t meet people by accident?? It’s all predestined but whether you could ‘see’ it or not..it’s really up to you. That’s why you need to listen really really well as opportunities knock really softly at your door.

I love making friends and meeting people. It enriches my life experiences. The more people you meet the better you are at handling life’s emergencies. I learned how to be confident, how to talk with different people, how to organize events, how to get resources and how to get closer to my creator. Be friends with everyone but be close to the ones who will guide you and remind you of who you really are and not who will lead you astray.

Ok. I think you get my point. Basically, networking have shaped me tremendously. Whether you like it or not, people can change us. Whether you are strong enough to resist changes, only you can answer that but changes to be better.. Don’t la resist. you stupid or what?


People told me I’m creative. Maybe because I make things, doodled, create, and play with beautiful colors. Less they know that adversities had led me to that. I think the word adversities is too STRONG..hmm scarcity perhaps? When I was at school, my friends and peers had the most awesome clothes, stationary, backpacks and things like that. It’s too expensive for me to actually owned them. To ask my parents or grandma to buy them for me will make me feel guilty and I already know the answers anyway “If you want something, you have to work for it”. That was by default. So, I taught myself the art of Papier Mache. My mom showed me once before when I was little but it was when I’m 15 that my passion towards ART went rampant. I went to the libraries and borrowed 10 books at a time (and mostly had to pay a lot of dues) all about Papier Mache and painting. I started making myself a Funky Papier mache flowers in a pot, then.. picture frames, jewellery boxes..then i moved to stationaries, Funky files, decorative items..and a lot more and the rest is history.

As for  clothing, I wore hand me downs most of the time and second hand ones. Hardly new. Again..too expensive to buy new ones. I cannot even look at labels or brands. Cost too much for me. I would either borrow them from my aunts or friends. Furthermore, I like weird but funky clothes.  I don’t know about this fetish of all things funky but I guess it’s just synonymous with my personality and myself. Expressive. I guess that have led me to learn Fashion and Dressmaking and now.. I make my own clothes! LIFE IS TRULY AWESOME!

You see.. you create what you want to do and what you want to be in life. NO ONE can dictate what YOU should or should not be.

Of course it takes GREAT SACRIFICE and guts to execute your plans.

Life has taught me to be humble wherever I am. I know I have my shortcomings but everyday I strive to be better and better. I want to help as many people as I can because my life is nothing compared to the people who don’t even have a roof on their heads, or proper and healthy food, or worrying whether they’ll be alive the next day and those who wanted to go to school but couldn’t because of too poor and no facilities. They are still so much sufferings in this world. I must help.

I am grateful with every inch of blessings endowed upon me. I have a great and healthy family, a super nice husband, burning desire to make changes in this world, great companies and friends, food that I ate, clothes that I wore..every single thing. I am blessed.

So have I wasted a lot of time or accomplished a lot?? A bit of both I would say 🙂 I’m just getting started!

Being 30 is awesome. Looking forward for the next 70 years the least! Here’s my daily affirmation that I put as my wallpaper in my computer and phone and I would like to share with all of you awesome people.

Every word spoken is a du’a(prayers) and that is my law of attraction. YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN TOO! So said it loud when you read that people and here’s to life and the hereafter!

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  1. anis abdullah

    happy birthday nawal! excited yeah turn to 30? me either, almost 6 years ago. haha


  2. nerma

    you chatty woman! 😀 i don't know you but every time by reading your texts and posts… you are precious and i guess those people who have you in their lives are happy! and yes…HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Nawal


  3. Nadewas

    Aww Thank you Anis and Nerma!! Really appreciate it! Nerma! I am touched!!!! seriously!! That means a lot to me! Thank you and god bless!


  4. nerma

    anytime! coz every post of yours is splashing us with life positivism… that's what i like most.


  5. Nadewas

    heart melts! awwwww thanks!!


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