Time flew really fast and before you know it, April has begun! FUNKYRIFFIC has halted for 2 months and we’re back on track 🙂 Before we look at the progress of previous goals, let me share with you things that I’m planning to achieve from my 40 things do do in 2013 list this April.

Yeap. Behold..things to do in April! I am so excited as this month I’ll be turning 30!! yes! THREE ZERO! Therefore to commemorate such joyous and wondrous month,  FUNKYRIFFIC SHOP and KASTEM KURUNG will be launched online (finally) and available for everyone! hip hip hurray! Ok.. enough of excitement. Time to get serious and tough! Alrighty then..I shall elaborate more on this month’s goals. I hope with these PLAN OF ACTIONS,  it will enable me to reach all goals, executing them at my level best. With that I hope it will also inspire you to have your very own set of plans too! So this is how I do it :

There you have it. My April’s goals. If you notice there are 2 colors involved. Red and cyan. Red means goals that are brought forward from January whereas cyan colored boxes are goals that are set beginning this month. Easy for me to keep track. That’s it for now! More plan of actions coming soon. Stay funky **nawal**

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