I must confess. I love journaling. It started when I was in the sixth form. Who would have thought   that a free calendar will lead me to this somewhat-creative path. I think, it was during my university years that I took journaling and creating planners to a higher level. Once I started it..I couldn’t stop! I would personalize it and make it look nice and fun to write in. I must say it took ta lot of time though. Slept pweeeetyyyy late just to ‘paste’ stuff. Anyway, here are some of my collections from 2004 till 2013. Enjoy! **nawal**

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  1. cik nad

    kak nawal! u know wht, all of them are soooo gojesss sesangat. kdg2 wondering dari mane la kakak dpt idea nk idea nk buat smpai cmtu sekali. me do love them! extraoedinaryandcute!


  2. Nadewas

    Awwww thank you! I can't sleep now! lol. Ideas datang from all over the place. Dalam mimpi pun ada!But mainly It'll come just like that. Alhamdulillah. Thank you so so much for viewing ya!



    kak nawalll..seronok kan bila kumpul2..heheh~ tapi 2009 macam xda ja..tertinggal atau memang takda..?? huhuhu~ nak join GA niiii..heheh~ paling sukaaa design 2013.. (:


  4. Nadewas

    Thank you Dira! YEAP! memang best! 2009 tu Kak Nawal mmg tak dapat nak locate!!! huhuhuh kalau dapat locate nnt kak Nawal masukkan ya! and also 2011! 🙂 anyway! best of luck! and thank you for participating 🙂



    owhooo~ orait3 kak..opss tak perasan 2011 pun takda..heheh~ dira memang suka tengok planner akak..creative and adorable! ur wlcme kak..semoga ada rezeki dira..hihih~ (:


  6. Nadewas

    TEEHEE..thank you! Insyaallah 🙂 Don't forget to share this post at your FB ya!


  7. visigeerent

    I used to do these kind of things on my notebook! But I got lazy! Boohoo :(. BTW, this year's notebook cover looks the best! And you got a scholarship offer to NUS??? MashaAllah 🙂


  8. Rose

    Salam Nawal. How are you? I've been admiring your work. I can possibly tell that those are your creations by just looking at em. They're funky and bold. You definitely got a unique style. What a true artist! 😀


  9. nerma

    i mean….woow!! all of your covers..and suff you did in there! if i have had them in my hands, i'd love to read and see page by page walahi.ohh and yes… i'd want to win this, i'd want to win this! 😀


  10. Nadewas

    Sometimes I do feel 'lazy' but it need multiple pinch and few knocks on my head telling me to don't stop doing it otherwise i'll be trap in that 'lazyness' forever!! lol. Thank you 🙂 I feel that I have progressed a lot throughout the years and investing my time to really learn sewing really paid off 🙂 Yeap! NUS WAS FUN! Spent a semester there..wish it was longer though 🙂 Anyway..thanks for commenting and best of luck!!


  11. Nadewas

    Salam Dona! I'm great alhamdulillah! Awww… thank you so much for stopping by. *blush blush* I love colours and love playing with them! I guess I have developed a distinct style that can define me. The feeling is really great! Thank you for your compliment! I'm in cloud 9 already! lol! Thanks for commenting. Best of luck ya Dona!


  12. Nadewas

    Thank you Nerma.'d read them all???? You'll SNOOZE!! lol! Insyaallah…best of luck and thank you for your endless support!


  13. Mom-On-The-Loose

    Hi Nawal, Azlea here. I love, love, love how vibrant your journals are…. I guess what made it all the more special is how you personalized 'em. Showed my girls the pictures and they liked it too, esp #2 aka Arina who's very much into journals and notebooks (padahal still learning how to write and spell, lol!). can't wait for the girls to meet you! if you don't mind, bawak la the planners. sure diorang suke tengok…


  14. Nadewas

    Aww Hi Azlea! Thank you for reading my post 🙂 Can't wait to meet your girls! Thank you. I really love personalizing my planners especially at the beginning of the year. I'm glad that yoour girls love them! Insyallah..I'll bring some..although not all! BERAT! haha!


  15. syamimihaziqah

    Kak Nawal, u're so creative and full of ideas! Me is so jelly :3


  16. syamimihaziqah

    Kak Nawal, you're so creative and full of ideas! Me is so jelly :3


  17. andysiti

    awesome possum! Keep doing more great things. One day u will make it big, InsyaAllah. U can! I believe in you! 🙂


  18. Nadewas

    WOW! Aminnnn. Thank you bebeh!


  19. Nadewas

    aww thanks..ini semua dari illahi sayang.


  20. phish

    2004,2006,2007,2008 preferred. They're simple, funky and abstract. Much like the Nawal I know 🙂 I remember making payment for the dotcom domain for my blog after reading your rant about you crossing item get own .com site last year…or was it 2 years back. Guess what, mine expired today.


  21. Nadewas

    LOL! Mine already expired and luckily I have Mr Husband to buy me few more domains! LOL! GO AND RENEW THEM LA!!! anyway, thanks for the comments. Best of luck ya!


  22. Nadewas

    OK GUYS! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE LOVELY COMMENTS! you guys were awesome therefore I'm giving away 2 notebooks for two winners! The Winners for the handmade notebook giveaway for the month of January goes to… syamimihaziqah and Nadira Salim!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! join me again for the February giveaway very soon for more cool handmade stuff! LOVE YOU GUYS!


  23. syamimihaziqah

    :O Alhamdulillah can't believe I get it :'D Thanks kak Nawal! ^^


  24. Vera Jots

    Wow! This is CRAZY CREATIVE! Really FUNKYRIFFIC, Nawal!Each of it is special & unique & 2013 is def. one of my favourite :)Came upon your site from Bella, FB 😀 heheeh.. it's a really nice treat looking at your pics. reminds me of last time whn I kept my scrapbook.


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