WOW! What a start! Every year I will create a new planner / journal to preserve memories and jot down my goals, things to do, plans and such. This year I opted for 3 different type of planner to organize myself better and to record all the great stuff happening around me. My goal was to:

This is my main planner where I jot down things to do daily, paste photos, write random stuff and just go crazy with it!

Next up, behold my monthly planner where all important dates and deadlines can be viewed in an orderly manner.

..and last but not least, my ON-THE-GO planner where I bring it everywhere in my pocket so that I can  jot down appointments, functions and etc at the spur of the moment. You see, I still don’t trust gadgets. I am still stuck in the 90’s. 

I’m really happy with the outcome. I have good feelings about this year….gosh! I can’t stop smiling! Thanks for viewing! **nawal**

4 thoughts on “DESIGNING 2013 PLANNERS

  1. Salam kak nawal^_^ sgt teruja pas tgk video akk td..can't wait for the next video..yearly planner akk sume gojess2..i love 'em all^_^ kalau ada rezeki farah..bestnye kalau dpt..hehe..anyway..seronok sgt dpt follow akk n blaja ngan of luck my dear sis…(\”,)


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