Have you read my 40 things to do in 2013? Pretty intense wasn’t it? Now I have all my goals set and geared for this year, what’s next? Goals without plans don’t really work unless you’re super focus, super discipline and superman.

I’ve tried many methods but this one sticks. 1. Write your goals and question them. 2. State your plan of action for that particular month. THAT’S IT. So these are my worksheets for January’s Arranged according to deadlines 🙂 A journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step -Confucious, and these are small steps indeed. I’ll get there. (^^,) **nawal**

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  1. nerma

    hehehe. i like the way you did it in your own \”work sheets\”. wish you all the luck in gaining all this 😀


  2. Nadewas

    Thank you! I find it easier for me to keep track of what I've planned. 🙂


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