Organizing your big day can be a daunting task especially when there is no system. You can have the best idea and be inspired by so many photos but the only way to make your ideas come to life is by having a good set of checklists and a plan of action. In other words – ORGANIZATION SYSTEM.

I love creating checklists. It is very useful especially if you’re a forgetful person. Since everything is DIY (mostly!), I have created a list specially custom made for my big day.

♡ Nikah registration ♡ Permission to marry from State’s religious council ♡ Get Wali’s details ♡ Get 2 witnesses info

♡ HIV test ♡ Pre-marriage course ♡ Create the guest list by sections (work, school, etc) ♡ Design invitations ♡ Print invitations ♡ Send invitations ♡ Tentatives

♡ Caterer ♡ Photographer ♡ Sound system ♡ Emcee

♡ Menu – Malaysian traditional buffet ♡ Dessert table – cupcakes, ice lollies, sweets, biscuits, macarons ♡ Wedding cake

♡ Hall – garlands and pom poms ♡ Backdrop ♡ Dessert table ♡ Registration and gift counter ♡ Staircases ♡ Entrance ♡ Tables and chairs ♡ Buffet table

♡ Groom – Baju Melayu, Sampin, Songkok, Buttons (for Baju Melayu), Shoes ♡ Bride – Baju Kurung, Headscarf, Hand bouquet, Make-up, Shoes

♡ Wedding favors ♡ Bunga rampai ♡ Bunga manggar ♡ Road signage ♡ Food labels ♡ Menu at VIP table ♡ Corsages for the wedding team ♡ Guest book

 These are basically IT! My DIY wedding checklist. Very general and it gives me the idea of what to do. You can use a spreadsheet to organize every section to focus on every header. If you’re planning a big wedding, the list would probably be longer than this. So there you go, my very own DIY wedding checklist. Ok..back to cutting and gluing and drafting and coloring.

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  1. nerma

    i love reading your checklists and organization system. so please, when you get the time make viewable those montly goals that you used to update…i love them


  2. Nadewas

    awww thank you Nerma! I will definitely try my very best! 🙂


  3. ~TamanRaudhah~

    nice checklist…may i use as my checklist too? ^_^ such a lovely blog…


  4. Nadewas

    Awww thank you!! sure no prob!


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