Clockwise from top : Brother love – Vito adjusting Jerome’s suit, look into my eyes! I was nervous, Aaliyah and daddy with Aolani dancing at the back, lil Jerome and Aolani getting all excited!
From top : Signing off as a witness, with the girls – Aryannah and Tatyana, Brotherhood Trio – Jerome-Vito-Eric

Clockwise from top : Candid!, husband and wife, beautiful Regina – my sis in law, rolling Taty!
Clockwise from top : Talking to the Masjid’s staff, Vito’s aunt with a scarf, the newlyweds awwww, adorable kiddies, Vito and baby coming right up!,  Saddiq and hubby. Saddiq: Good luck. Vito : You’re next!

Clockwise from top left : Eric and me, a button just fell of from Eric’s tux,  Jerome and me, the men – Saddiq, Jerome and Puma, H20 is good for you kids! Drink up!, Imam Karim Abu Zaid 🙂

From top : At Tajine Alami, Manitou Springs CO, Boyz2Men, Saddiq and US, with the love of my life

Wedding in the USA. CHECK. Now, let’s get ready for the MALAYSIAN WEDDING! gulp.

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