Hi and welcome back to my blog! Yeah I know I know..It’s all sooo…..DIFFERENT!! lol! As you can see, I’ve been on ‘sleep mode’ for months with revamping and revamping and finally I am proud to present you (drum rolllll) :
WOOOHHOO!! (doing the happy dance!) Alhamdulillah, I’m very happy to announce the opening of my newly revamped blog! Now that I’m back in connection with the cyber world, I’m all psyched to share with you great tips (based on experience) and DIY projects to spruce up your life! FUNKYRIFFIC  is about making life funky. Turn those boring and dull moments into something meaningful and awesome and funky and cool! As you’re reading this, there is no turning back now! Go on and click around and don’t forget to add me in your social media (buttons are on top left side!) So..what to do now that you’re here?? Well, you can :
However it may seem, FUNKYRIFFIC is still a baby and I do hope it’ll grow and thrive to be able to inspire readers throughout the world! Having said that, my blog is not 100% done yet (there are some still under constructions) BUT I JUST CANT SEEM TO WAIT ANYMORE! Please do feel free to connect with me as I would loveeeee to hear from you. Whether it’s feedbacks about the new blog or just hi! It will really make my day. In the  meantime, just enjoy the process 🙂 

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