Ramadhan 1433 is coming! Here in Malaysia we’ll start fasting on Saturday and that means TONIGHT is the 1st TARAWIH prayer! YIPEEEEE!!!

Ramadhan, being the 9th month in the Islamic calendar witness the month of soul cleansing, self restraint and forgiveness. It is when Allah closes the gates of Hell (jahannam) and opens the gates of Heaven as wide as ever, forgiving human’s sins for those who seeks His forgiveness. It’s the month where Muslims fulfill one of the 5 Pillars of Islam and that is to fast during the Ramadhan. We fast from dawn to sunset. Not just refraining ourselves from water and food, but also fast from committing sins like backbiting, stealing, cheating, ________ , _________ , ________ and etc. (Use your imagination while filling those blanks)
And so..
I wanna feel good this Ramadhan. Make full use of it’s blessings. 3 things :
1. I want to attend at least 50% of Tarawih Prayers this time 2. I want to memorize the Yaasin – 3 verses a day 3. Fasting full month Insyaallah! (due to the imbalance of hormones lately, I think  I might complete a full one)
Just 3 simple goals. Come to think of it, this would be my very 1st time to set Ramadhan goals as previously it was just mental goal setting (get what I mean?) -which didn’t worked all the time 😦
My Ramadhan Motto of the year : A FAST A DAY KEEPS THE SYAITANS AT BAY
Alrighty then! I’m all set. Although this is my first fasting month as a married woman, I’m sadly away from my Mr Macho Man. It’s sad to not being able to enjoy it with him but I’m grateful that this time around I’m in the country and get to spend great time with my ultra-cool family and friends here in Malaysia!!
So have you set your Ramadhan Goals yet?? For more inspiration on how to make the most of this blessed month, (I personally LURVEEEE this site!) click here!
Have a great Ramadhan ahead guys! **nawal**

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