First and foremost, IIEKKKKK!! Assalamualaikum! Alhamdulillah it’s the new year and 2012 will be gorgeous and fabulous with my newly created to do list!  It is NEVER too late to start one. So many great-awesome things to complete! Having a set of goals / to do list makes me look forward for the future and that feels GREAT! I’ve divided my list into segments which is close to my heart. Segments which I feel need some fine tuning if you know what I mean 🙂 Segments that are important. Segments that define my life. So guys, here goes!!!!!

It’s all about my spiritual needs and getting closer to my Creator
Goal 333 : Study the benefits of Solat
Goal 349 : Go for Janazah workshop 
Goal 404 : Memorize the Yaasin 
Goal 581: Know everything and in depth about Islam 
Goal 585 : Memorize the important D’uas (prayers)
Goal 879 : Study about Fiqh
Building and maintaining long lasting relationships to make life more meaningful
350 : Go for Pre-marriage course  
451 : Get married! woohoo!
You gotta look and be smart!
227 : Learn Tagalog
328 : Study the Malaysian history
329 : Study the geography of Malaysia
385 : Read about the U.S – Vietnam War
474 : Learn Video editing
917 : Learn Adobe Photoshop
923 : Study Fashion Design
Being healthy is not an option
248 : Learn Muay Thai
382 : Detoxify my body for a year
My passion
212 : Sew my own Baju Kurung design
305 : Learn Embroidery
330 : Study the Malay’s arts and crafts
458 : Start my 365 days drawing challenge
459 : Learn Calligraphy
538 : Learn drawing and sketching
616 : Learn to make button badges
625 : Know in depth about arts and crafts
689 : Learn cursive writing
766 : Learn Pattern making
901 : Study the anatomy of a sewing machine
Things that I do that put foods on the table and money in the bank
20 : Have my very own business card
515 : Read about advertising
571 : Learn about fabrics
752 : Know about internet business
950 : Have my own online shop 🙂
Managing money and things that I own more responsibly
128 : Create my dream room
417 : Start a saving plan! 
Organizing myself in the WorldWideWeb
920 : Learn web design
Constantly exploring to eliminate ignorance, enhance imagination and meet all sorts
of beautiful people
23 : Write a travel documentary script
597 : Be a couch surfer
598 : Divulge myself in Japanese Culture
Things that I just have to do to for personal satisfaction
773 : Organize myself from top to toe
40 things for the new year and I LOVE THIS LIST! I’m all set, all geared up and ready to make mistakes! yeap! Mistakes defines a person and the more you make them the smarter and much wiser you’ll become. But one thing for sure, you got to learn from them and not just making them 😛
What’s your ‘things to do’ this year? Anything similar? Let’s share! Who knows we might reap greater benefits 🙂 
HAPPY HAPPY 2012 beautiful people!**nawal**

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  1. Jumizah Samsudin

    Reading ur things to do membuatkan aku sering terasa jelesss!!!!


  2. roseannregis

    Happy New Year!!! 😀 I can teach you Tagalog if you want. More power to you. 🙂


  3. Nadewas

    Jumie! awat la ceq.. what's your resolusi beb! would love to hear them. :)Roseann! : Happy new year to you too!! talaga pok?? haha..I would really love that!! I'm gonna study hard for the Philliphines trip 🙂


  4. muhamadakmalwahab

    naisssss…hope i can achieve some of my goals for this year too…hehehe…


  5. Nadewas

    Best of luck to you Akmal!


  6. Maya

    Nawal, i want to learn sewing? Do you know where?…. It was actually my resolution since last year yang tak dapat buat 😉


  7. Nadewas

    Hi Maya! Yeah I do. I took my lessons at Sea Park – Institut Menjahit Italy. Small place but I like it. I'm gonna see the teacher some time this week. Wanna come?


  8. Maya

    I still can't drive till next week … Will let you know when i plan to go….. Yeayyyyy finally ada sewing class!!!! Dah lamaaaa sgt cari yg tak jauh sgt!


  9. Nadewas

    Maya, will let u know the details ok! i lost the number. will retrieve it back in a jiffy aight.


  10. Anonymous

    Salam Nawal,I came across your blog from Half Our Deen's FB. Congratulations on your marriage. ;)Nawal, your blog is very inspirational and somehow gives me inspiration and hope to make my life worth living, Insya Allah.If you don't mind me asking, how did you overcome those thoughts or fear of what if your goals did not work out and don't you feel overwhelmed having a lot of goals when people usually say start small? For myself, I tend to give up easily and my next question is how do you motivate yourself to keep going despite the odds? In addition, how do you have time for all these?Lol, I'm too much for asking too much right? Apologies but I would really like to know. I look forward to hearing Insya Allah.Thank you for taking the time to read this.Till then,Rawk on!Wassalam,Nur


  11. Nadewas

    Assalamualaikum Nur.WOW! first and foremost Thank you so so much for reading my posts. I truly appreciate it. I'm glad that my writing inspires you. AS for your questions, I live by with the motto 'NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE AND THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER' For me, I love learning new things and be involved with what life has to offer. I'm sure different individuals have their personal goals and mission. My mission was to learn everything and be able to tell your children and grandchildren 'Oh been there done that..NEXT!' :)I identify things and areas that I want to improve and explore. Of course my top priorities are religion and relationships and the rest follows. About fear..funny thing is..I never thought of that. I JUST DO IT. too much thinking or having a 'what if' thoughts would probably hold me back a lot so for that question : You never know what's gonna happen until you actually do it so fear is not an option.About being overwhelmed : YES! I had that a lot but having a set of solid system (which I'll be sharing in my future posts) kept me sane. You just have to review your goals every single time and ask yourself \”How bad do I want this?\” At this point, faith and the power of your imagination will propel you a step further. For example, one of my goal this year is to memorize the Yaasin. Therefore I imagine myself in front of thousands of audience at a conference, reciting Yaasin, with perfect Tajweed without even looking at it. When I imagine things like that, I immediately work it out. So yes. Power of imagination motivates me.As for time, I have 24 hours a day. The same time given to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Albert Einstein, Donald Trump and etc. TIME MANAGEMENT IS CRUCIAL AND CRITICAL. I decide how many time I want to spend on goals, sleep, rest, studying, marriage and the list goes on. So having a to do list and a schedule is really important. Imagine an airport without a schedule. what would happen to all the flights? how will they be organized? things like that you know.. I'm a strong believer of HUMAN POTENTIAL. We can be stretched and expanded to a length that you won't believe how far it is. So it's all in your head whether you want to do it or not. Whether you want to be an excellent human being or just normal. I chose the former :)Pphewwwhhhhh… I hope I answered your question well though. Please do feel free and ask anytime you want. I love connecting with great people all around the world. Wish you good luck in everything ya!!c ya! and hell yeah! RAWK ON!:)


  12. Anonymous

    Salam Nawal,Hey hey hey thank you for that long and honest reply. After reading it and contemplating, I realized that it's all up to me; what I want to achieve, what matters most to me and most importantly is doing something about it.My problem is doing something about it as my dreams have always been, well just dreams literally.Just would like to update that Alhamdulillah I have sort of started writing down my goals. I copied you 😉 where I used colourful post-its(like your colourful rectangles on your website where you wrote 950 goals) and numbered them and pasted on my organizer that I use weekly.Then I realised, to achieve my goals, I need to plan each out so that I have a good idea of how the process could be like, just like how you shared about ur planning for your room revamp.Slowly but surely, I hope Insya Allah I will be able to achieve my goals. Im scared but excited at the same time.I look forward to reading your posts, Insya Allah.Thank you for sharing Sista Nawal.Und du kannst auch Deustch verstehen, richtig? ;)Wassalam und bis bald,Nur


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