Goodbye 2011 and HELLOOOOO 2012!!! I would like to take this opportunity to thank Allah the Almighty for giving me the strength and power to live. Without Him I’m nothing. Therefore this 2012, I’m going to improve myself to be a better daughter, granddaughter, friend, colleague, acquaintance and most importantly the best of Muslims.

2011 proved to be rewarding where major decisions took place. Resigned from my job. Met the hottest guy in the world :P. Decided to be a full time blogger and new business ventures among other things. 2011 also witnessed a great loss where my grandma — > Nenek Nipah passed away late December. I wasn’t there to be with her and prepare her funeral. This has made me realize that FAMILY is the utmost important thing and DON’T EVER TAKE IT FOR GRANTED.

In 2012, it’s all about building relationships. Catching up with long lost families and friends beside setting up a new one. 🙂 On top of that, there would be a major shift in my career where I would take blogging and arts and crafts to a greater height. So many things to share but I guess let’s just take it one at a time 🙂

I’m going to France for the NEW YEAR! yeay!

My families and friends.. you guys are truly the gems of my heart. I won’t be here today without all of your input, support and tolerance. I LOVE YOU!! To everyone who’s reading my blog and also The Jumping Travellers (TJT), you guys RAWK!!! 2012 will be great so stay tuned and be part of this magical journey!
Lots of love and a HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!**nawal**

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