My walls are blank. Craving to be filled with pictures. Portraits. Paintings. Sigh. Should I just leave it bare? That’s a negative.

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  1. farahD

    You should put your best painting there =D A collage of your family or your photo perhaps? Looks so artistic =P..ppl wud definitely stop there at the table for awhile just trying to figure out the pic =D Love ur works…keep it up kak nawal !!


  2. Nadewas

    Awww thank you Farah! That's a great idea! I have to create one then!! Oh ya! I'm coming up with 365 days drawing challenge next year! Join in the fun ya!


  3. farahD

    Great kak nawal…sure I can join? great then I will make the post link to you so to say that I join with you !! wow cant wait…!! hehe starting next year kan? heh confuse kejap.


  4. Nadewas

    great!! yeap next year tau! so excited!!


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