As you know, 2012 is just around the corner and learning from last year’s mistake, I’m planning to create and design my 2012 planners earlier than scheduled! Every year, I create planner/journal to document my daily routines, jot down memories -the good, the bad, doodles and the list is endless. This year, my planner wasn’t completed before the new year and I guess the momentum of ushering  NEW YEAR wasn’t that UMMphh if you get what I mean. That’s all behind me now and I’m all geared up for 2012 with brand new planners!! WOHOO!!
A handbag planner is very convenient for me as I still don’t trust modern technologies to schedule my daily routines and appointments. What if so called ‘technology’ crashed? What if everything is deleted accidentally? Before that happens, I’d rather stick to the old fashion way which is…JOT ALL OF THEM  DOWN! LITERALLY!
So here’s a tutorial of my handbag planner that has been given a new life. It was inspired by a craft post from Craftzine 🙂 (Can’t remember which one so if you do know please tell!) Enjoy!

That’s it folks! My very own version of a handbag planner. I’ve enjoyed making this and I hope you do too! Assalamualaikum **nawal**

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  1. PastelDaisies

    Awesomeeeeee! Nice babe.


  2. Nadewas

    Thank you Unty!!! Appreciate it!


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