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Do you have loads of tin canisters and desperate to throw them away??? Why don’t you give it a new life making them look good for your room/house decor. Or better still….give them to me 😉

I found this tin canister in a recycling bin and thought that it can be useful. I need to store some of my knick knacks and this tin would be the perfect place to house them 🙂 Project Tin-Tong..here we go!

It took me approximately 1 hour to complete this project. I’m happy with the outcome and the fact that I just saved a TIN’s life 🙂 Do have a go and just go wacky.**nawal**


  1. What a cool idea! I could reuse the old canisters in our house and turn them into handy containers for my socks and handkerchiefs. Thank you for jotting down the instructions.Ryan homes


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