London never fails to impress me. Vibrant environment. A fusion of old and modern landscape. Londoners going to and fro busy with daily rituals. London cabs. Double decker buses. Awesome museums and galleries, designer boutiques and not to forget..HARRODS!

A definitely must go place when you’re in London. If you’re a shopaholic then Harrods are no doubt one of the best place to shop but if you’re like me, DIY frugal person then do enjoy feasting on the lovely things here. Get ideas, be inspired and just enjoy the free perfume 😛 BUT BUT BUT I’m sure a small souvenir won’t do any harm to your pocket will it?? you’re in LONDON for god sake. Might as well get something. For Harrods famous souvenirs, stop by at the Harrods Arcade for insanely cute stuff. Harrods printing all over.

Aren’t these souvenirs too cool for school? The Harrods brand are so well establish that souvenirs like these will still be valuable even for the next generation. As I was browsing through the arcade, skimming every souvenirs as possible, I stopped. My eyes were fixated on something. I shrieked! eeekkkkk!!!

oh!!! HELLO KITTY!!!! what were you doing over there at HARRODS??????? Don’t u just love ’em?

I may not be the biggest Hello Kitty fans, but the sight of these put you in awe. Awwww. They were just adorable!
For me, one sure fire thing to do at Harrods is to visit their incredible food halls and get these…
A pack of 4 Lola’s Red Velvet Cupcake would cost me 9.50pounds! Oh well, once in a while 😛 Indulging my guilty pleasures.**nawal**

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