I went to a fun fair the other day and I was soooooooo excited to see so many colorful and funky old school stuff! The set up was mind stimulating and my brain were constantly churning new ideas for my upcoming projects. Being OUT of the house does broaden your perspective.

 What are fun fairs without game booths?? I didn’t play. I just love the colors. 😛

 The eclectic mix of colors are truly inspiring! This merry-go-round reminds me a lot about Marry Poppins and I’m already inspired to do a craft project based on that theme..but hang on there..hold on to your horses ya!

 We stopped by to enjoy ourselves with local live shows! Although it was a small ensemble, it didn’t fail to mesmerize me with crazy stunts. The Wall of Death and Voltini. Both were high risk stunts and that got me inspired too. What is 1 high risk thing I should do before I die!???

I had my fair share of fun. Sliding my way through ‘Tower of Terror’ got me ‘high’ and  that was the best reason to reward myself with ICE CREAM! yummy!

** I love visiting places like these. Venturing out from your comfort zone to be inspired. I realize that I have to move to get the groove ya know what I’m saying?? Looking forward for the next outing 🙂 I’m going ALL-OUT!**nawal**

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