wooohooooo! say Wooott wooootttt!!!

My adrenalin is pumping! Too excited! I can’t eat ..I can’t sleep..well ..scratch the ” I CAN’T EAT” part as I’ve been stuffing myself for the past few days! boy! talking about joining a marathon. @___^

 YES YES YES! Too damn excited for the upcoming travel blog!!
Ladies and gentlemen behold…..
 the Jumping Travellers or jumpsters in short, consist of 3 travelling junkies – AJ, NAWAL (hey! that’s me!) and ANDY. Since 3 of us love travelling and jumping so so much, we decided to do something about it! The Jumping Travellers blog will document our random and various travelling experiences be it individually, duo or trio. We’ll be putting up our videos (watch out for the Jumping Travellers video series), links, and engage with the backpacking communities all over the world.

No doubt it is still a baby project but we hope to promote backpacking and instill impulse travelling throughout Malaysia and the planet! 🙂

watch out for 30 January 2011, 00:00 GMT – will be launching the Jumping Travellers Blog!
**Don’t forget to follow jumpsters on Twitter for updates!

 When we say jump..we really JUMP! toing..toing…toing…toing…………**nawal**


  1. oh wow!! Backpacking is indeed different. you tend to travel with the lowest budget in mind and explore places from the local point of views. Really exciting if you tend to immerse yourself with the local culture and norms. Try it for yourself. ..however, i forewarn you..YOU MUST HAVE AN OPEN MIND, POSITIVE ATTITUDES AND ENDLESS CURIOSITIES AS BACKPACKING CAN BE HARDCORE AT TIMES!I would love to see your jumping pictures! give me your link and I can feature you in the Jumpsters blog!Thanks again for dropping by!


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