Yeay that is GOAL 933 : BUY CANON SELPHY PHOTO PRINTER being striked off my list leaving me 39 things to do this year!

In case y’all be wondering why the heck we need a photo printer? why can’t u just use a normal printer instead? Well Honey, as an avid crafter and a journalling addict, U MUST GET THEM! Besides, normal printers are bulky and not feasible. Whereas the photo printer is a compact tool, allowing you to instantly develop pictures minus the fret, sweat and tears…WOW! so the dramatic la I!

I have used Canon Selphy Printers but I never actually owned one. There are few models in the market. Depends on your budget though. If you wanna get em yourself there are few on the  list that I’m gonna share with y’all. Canon Selphy ES40, CP800 (which I bought!) and CP780

Let’s start with the less expensive ones. (Click on the link for more specifications)

The CP800

The CP800 is a really straightforward photo printer. Since I have used an ES40 before, I’m not quite happy with the screen resolution (300 x 300 dpi) of the CP800. The functions are really basic and you have to give some space behind to allow the photos to be completed. It comes in 2 colors, black and white. What I like about this product is that you can print directly from your USB thumb drive , a function which the CP780 and ES40 fail to have. Quality wise, your photos can last for 100 years. Price : £99.00

The functions of this photo printer is more or less the same as the CP800. Released in 2009, it comes with 4 stylish colors – pink, blue, silver and white. Printing wise, you can’t print directly from the USB Flash thumb drive, however a Bluetooth adapter is available for this bugger. Price £129.00
OOhhhhhhhh I really love this one! More functions you can play with. Edit your photos using the button functions. Print your pictures with borders, graphic, calender style and much more. Although it is much more bulky than the other 2 models, you don’t need some space allowance at the back as the picture will manouvre itself upwards. Highly recommended! Price : £159.00
Due to budget constraint, I chose CP800. Basically if you are comparing CP800 with CP780….just get the 800! Same function and you pay less.
My CP800 in action.

Happy shopping and happy printing!**nawal**

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  1. Am

    Nawal, next time update me about the color consumption, please. Just wanna know how many pictures you got to print before the ink runs out


  2. Nadewas

    Just to update : 1 cartridge = 36 Prints. Basically when you buy the cartridge and paper – it comes in 3 sets therefore 1 box = 108 prints 🙂


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