Oh YEAHHHHH it’s that time of the year again to come up with things to do and re-so-lu-tions for the upbeat and much anticipated 2011! It feels just like yesterday I came up with the 2010 list…and now it’s 2011!! wat the @#$%$#@^;!!!

OK OK enuff of being too excited already. time to get to business. 2010 was definitely some year! Did so many things, sucked at many things and achieve not so many things. HA! So to cut things short here’s a recap of what has been happening in the year of 2010! inhaalleeeeee……. good.

1. Learned Snowboarding 
Germany 2010 : Skischule Tegernsee-TAL @ Rotach Egern. Fell down countless times. Persistency is the KEY y’all!
2. Went for Umrah. Alhamdulillah! One word : SPEECHLESS!
In front of Kaabah at Makkah Mukaramah, Saudi Arabia
The hip hopping ladies with Hijabs
The King Fahd Gate which was very very near to our hotel

3. Own a Blackberry
Technically owned 2 of em…well one is for work and the violet one is my own 🙂 Both are very useful and love em to bits! Storm and Curve. 2 besties!
4. Checked my blood group and it is O+! yeayy! I’m a universal donor! see! I’m a nice girl 🙂

5. Bought a video camera! 
Bought it for 2k which I think can be much much much cheaper! DAMN! oh well, I love the cam tho. Very sleek but poor picture quality. However I LOVE THIS CAMERA!
6. Own an electronic dictionary
Left : Besta and Right : Vocal translator. Both are very very useful although I believe Besta can improve more on its display making it much more sleek and professional yet fun at the same time. As for the translator..u are damn useful ever! Thanks for helping me out and about in CAMBODIA!!! The Translator boasts 40 languages and a dictionary. Learn useful phrases in different languages that will aid to your traveling woes. I LOVE EM!
7. Had a full medical check up
Book yourself an appointment. Make sure you fast for 11 hours. Urine test. Stool test. Eyes, blood, heart and oh so many things. I’m perfectly normal and in good health! BUT….. slightly high on cholesterol! WHHAATTTTT! check ups normally takes about half day and costs around RM300-RM400. It really depends on your package. MUST CHECK EVERY YEAR!
8. Invested on a Levi’s jeans
9. Visited Angkor Wat

10. Got myself an address book
When memory and technology fails, you ought to thank yourself for having that back up plan! yes! technologies are so advance now resulting in short term memory loss and the inefficiency of storing names and numbers. Pissed at myself, I finally got up went to Paperchase and bought myself an address book! JOT EVERY NUMBER! EVERY NUMBER! By the way I just Lurvvveeee Paperchase products! Have a look!
11. Own a Car
…..and I crashed it!
2 days before Umrah! Thank god I’m Alright!
12. Sat for my Tourist Guide exam…and I PASSED!!
Yeaaayyyy I’m a certified tourist guide now!!! weeheeee
13. Took Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Sat for my N5 (level 5) exam. 4 more levels to go before I can scrape this goal from my list!
14. Dyed my hair PINK!
12. Bought a DSLR!
After years and sleepless nights, I bought myself this! Best splurge 2010 award! haha! I love the quality, simple, straightforward and ideal for a beginner SLRistas. The HD movie feature was a plus point to the EOS 550D.
And.. for the rest of my goals.. hastalavista! Didn’t managed to complete all but I’m content. BUT.. not giving up just yet. 2011 will definitely be the year to make up what I have not done in the previous years.
Recap DONE! Now, let’s start on my 2011 goals! NEXT please!

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  1. kerolizwan

    WOW! Nothing I can say only ENVY! Jealous banget. Haih. How I wish can be like you. Travel it all arse here and there. Pheww. My most concern would probably financial lah. How ah? Anyway, I met Andy the other day. Well somewhere last 2 months. I didn't know you two were bestfriend :pTill then, keep the goals coming in. You're good hey Miss 🙂


  2. Nadewas

    Kerol!! Really appreciate you dropping by and read the blog. HAHA!! yeap Andy is my best-est fren :)A good travel plan is a must but sometimes..u just wake up in the morning and make impromptu travel plans…now that will always make you overbudget! oh well..just grab all he opportunites u can to travel 🙂 and when that time comes..have your camera with you!


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