I just can’t stop adding some bling bling to it. Once you’ve started, you just can’t stop!! AJ did some pimping to her planner too.

Behold! (Warning : the bling blingness might damage your eyesight!)**nawal**


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  1. wawan

    sama laaaai've done it last yr tootapi asyik tercabut je..hehehenak kena re-pimp balik ni =P


  2. Nadewas

    use a super strong glue especially for studs. It's really really strong!have it a go!


  3. Pasteldaisies

    Gila cun babe…i am suppose to do one for Syarafina…


  4. Anonymous

    Hi Nawal! Remember me? I'm Celine. Neways I do like wad I see on your blog. Its really cool to be having goals and also doing something to achieve it. Keep it up yea? =] I wanna be like u if I could. Lol. Take care.


  5. muhamadakmalwahab

    ms nawal shahril…you are my most artistic friend…and i really love all your creativity…come on gurl…keep it up…p.s:i could never pimped my travel damn boring la my journal itu…huhuhu


  6. Nadewas

    Unty! Thank you bebeh! Celine! Of course i remember you la babe! how's life been treating ya? Thanks for dropping by! We can be whatever we want as long as we put our mind to it ;)Akmal! wooohooo woot woot.. Art is definitely an indispensable entity in my life! start small first..lama2 without realizing it, u'll be creating your set of art!


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