..and so every single year without fail I will come up with my very own version of planner. This year is not an exception. Different from it’s predecessor, this year’s planner is a lot special.  Normally, I would buy the cheapest dull but good quality paper planner and paint on top of it.

For this year, I bought my planner at the famous Mustaffa in Singapore. Paper quality – good. Layout – not bad. I kinda like it. It reminds me of Hogwarts for some reason. 🙂 Anyway, I didn’t change the ‘exterior’ which I could but I wouldn’t.. Instead, I embossed it with my name and a tree, which is a symbol of life and hope. I concentrated more on the interior – making it very personal without losing the ME juice.

Here you go guys. My 2010 planner.

I inserted extra tabs to segregate the months. Naming each month is really kewl! For example: April (which is my birthday), I named it the Funky Munky Bday (month)
The eclectic ribbons ( stole bits and pieces from my Unty) were tied to the original string and hail the funky bookmark!
Yes. Every tab has it’s own story. In April’s this cute fish stamps (thanks to Unty Nini again) reminds me of the name that people used to ‘ejek’ me with.Therefore…I embrace it 🙂 yes. it’s Ikan Bawal (Dory fish)
Some inspirations of the day 🙂 I love cut and paste. It reminds me of the things that I did. Good for remembrance. So guys, don’t throw away tickets and brochures and such! Personalize them!!
This is how the bookmark functions! 35 goals written on the other side to keep my focus intact.
YEAP! That’s pretty much it! Thank you for viewing!**nawal**

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  1. wawan

    nawallllsgt chOmel!jeles ok? mcm masterpiece!hehe


  2. muhamadakmalwahab

    wow…nawal you are always as artistic as i remember…cool journal…


  3. Ezzeline



  4. farahD

    I like the interior better than the exterior…I had in my collection 5 log books which I hv personalized when I was in secondary schoolllllll..U remind me of it…thanksss =P


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