YES!!!! FINALLY!! I got the whole room to myself. I really want to have my own Room – together attach with an art studio. YIPEEE!! sadly, progress has been slow as I hardly come home.

Anyways, here it is. The process of  CREATING MY DREAM ROOM

..took out all Allia’s stuff as she is giving up her space for this project! THANK YOU ADIK!! love you soooooooooo much!

The makeover CREW!! Do not underestimate the power of these bunch!

The Makeover Crew giving the wall an undercoat. As u could see, Allia’s place was really BROWN! so I’m painting it all over again to give it a lift later on.
      The Makeover crew giving some loveee to the camera. 

Now.. the big steps. No more small kids. I’m hiring some PROss. haha. Left is my cousin Afiq and my brother Salleh. These 2 lads were there to ensure my wall had a good coating before they could paint the green on. I LOVE MY WALL!!!! 4 tone green colour underway!

I’m making a mark – thin fine line that indicates a switch in the colour swatch. Even the ceiling is painted green in order to have a smooth transition.

My other side of the room that needs a major makeover too. Notice the make-up table, bought it for 60 bux at Kaki lelong. and few other stuff too. I believe in RECYCLING STUFF BABY!! those furniture ALSO need a new life!
Notice the green colour transition..BEHOLD!!! the 4 tone green Wall!!!!

Salleh putting the final touch up and Afiq..inspecting the walls..making it perfect. Thank you guys!!
That’s it for now. I won’t reveal anything just yet till all the walls are painted accordingly.
See ya soon!**nawal**

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  1. the_builder

    wah…so nice….cant wait for the 2nd part…hurry -up!!!!caiyok…caiyokk


  2. Uncle Seven

    Nawal…never knew that you are so skinny hahahahaha…as myself..i'm also skinny during my school years..btw..This is Sordi…


  3. Nadewas

    Sordi!! those are recent pictures la!! takper… skinny nda kacak!


  4. muhamadakmalwahab

    wahhhhh…..hijau….4 ton plak tu…cant wait to see the outcome….


  5. kerolizwan

    can't wait.


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