Life organization makes people predictable and somewhat BORING. It’s kinda true but I’m not affirming it 100%. In fact, i think life planning and organization is such a KEWL thing to do. Imagine that you could do things on time, be more productive, less slouch, prepare things beforehand, equipped with various knowledge and skills and the list never stops. Kinda cool huh??

The question is…. “Can a normal human being like me have all that??”

Let me slap myself and say…”WHY CAN’T YOU?”

Nothing is stopping me but my own self. THERE U GO! I want to be those peeps that is all ever-ready. No mountain is high enough! No river is low enough! It’s either you nak or tak nak!

And so… it is the utmost important “THINGS TO DO” for me to come up with a checklist—a life checklist. Consist of every aspect of my life.

These are the sub-headers (not following any particular priorities).

1. Allah (spiritual and Religion)
2. Family
3. Friends
4. Fitness
5. Health
6. Art
7. Knowledge
8. Work
9. Grooming
10. Fashion
11. Financial
12. Skills
13. Business
14. School / classes
15. Colleagues
16. GOALS!
17. Cyber world
18. Love life
19. My books
20. My room
21. My stuff
22. Assets
23. Charity
24. People
25. Pets

These are the areas that build my life, that makes my life more interesting everytime i wake up in the morning. There’s always things to do and look forward to. I need to balance and have all these in order. To plan and organize it well. Nothing else seems matter. Sometimes.. i don’t understand people who lamented on small small matters… that they didn’t realize that there is so much things yet to explore. Buang masa Betui!


Now, it’s time for me to do the checklist for each sub-headers.

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